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About Kristen Shuyler

    I work at James Madison University Libraries & Educational Technologies, coordinating library outreach to students and partnerships with student services units at JMU.

    My current professional interests include:

    • engaging student employees in designing and leading library outreach and marketing
    • the intersections of science education & information literacy
    • service design for university libraries
    • creative social media outreach strategies for libraries, such as #colorourcollections
    • unconferences
    • exploring effective partnerships with student services, residence life, and other student-focused units
    • narrative analysis for understanding undergraduate students' research needs
    • designing games for library outreach

    Learn about about my publications, presentations, and scholarly work at ORCID, Google Scholar, or JMU Scholarly Commons.

    If you're working on similar stuff, let me know! I'd love to chat.

    Of course, identity is not just about work - I'm also a hobby photographer, a new resident of Staunton and the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, and one of the co-founders of InfoCamp, among other things.

    About this site

    A personal web page may seem a bit quaint in the current landscape of social websites, but I've had one since 1995, and I'm not giving it up yet.

    I maintain it mostly for myself -- as a place to corral my various links and projects, and as a way to practice my web design skills (which are admittedly out of date - but still functional). Pico in SSH is my tool of choice for writing the HTML and CSS.

    The photos on the main page are a few of my favorite photos of Seattle, taken between 1999 and 2009.

    Last updated 22 May 2016